Contributions by session


Parameter space and pattern


The demystification of classical Be stars through space photometry
D. Baade, and T. Rivinius
Potential and challenges of pre-main sequence asteroseismology
K. Zwintz
Observations of internal structures of low-mass main-sequence stars and red giants
S. Hekker

What physics is missing in theoretical models of high-mass stars: new insights from asteroseismology
D. M. Bowman

Cepheids under the magnifying glass − not so simple, after all!
R. I. Anderson
Asteroseismology of Rapidly Rotating Stars with Acoustic Modes
D. R. Reese
The BRITE-SONG of Aldebaran – stellar music in three voices
P. G. Beck, R. Kuschnig, G. Houdek, T. Kallinger, W. W. Weiss, P. L. Palle, F. Grundahl, A. Hatzes, H. Parviainen, C. Allende Prieto, et al.
The complex asteroseismology of SX Phoenicis
J. Daszyńska-Daszkiewicz, P. Walczak, A. Pamyatnykh, W. Szewczuk, and W. Dziembowski
Modelling Long-Period Variables in the Gaia Era
M. Trabucchi, T. Lebzelter, N. Mowlavi, P. R. Wood, P. Marigo, G. Pastorelli, and I. Lecoeur-Taïbi
The planet-host pulsating star HR 8799 as seen by BRITE
Á. Sódor, and Zs. Bognár
The non-radial pulsation pattern of the Algol star RZ Cas
H. Lehmann, F. Pertermann, V. Tsymbal, A. Tkachenko, and D. E. Mkrtichian
Pre-main Sequence Gravity-Mode Pulsators in K2
L. Ketzer, and K. Zwintz
Asteroseismology of the β Cen System
C. Lovekin, and J. Tompkins
The prototype star γ Doradus observed by TESS
S. Christophe, V. Antoci, E. Brunsden, R.-M. Ouazzani, and S.J.A.J. Salmon
The existence of hot γ Doradus and A–F-type hybrid stars
F. Kahraman Aliçavuş, E. Poretti, G. Catanzaro, B. Smalley, E. Niemczura, M. Rainer, and G. Handler
Effect of the magnetic field on period spacings of gravity modes in rapidly rotating stars
V. Prat, S. Mathis, B. Buysschaert, J. Van Beeck, D. M. Bowman, C. Aerts, and C. Neiner
Dynamical Mass of a Type II Cepheid and a disk around its Be star companion
B. Pilecki
Galactic Red Supergiants in Gaia DR2
M. Messineo, and A.G.A. Brown
The pulsation spectrum of a mass-accreting component of AS Eri
D. Mkrtichian, K. Gunsriwiwat, C. Engelbrecht, N. A-thano, H. Lehmann, P. Lampens, J. Matthews, E. Rodriguez, and A. Kusakin
Cepheids Near and Far
D. Tarczay-Nehéz, L. Szabados, and Z. Dencs
Science with BRITE-Constellation at the University of Innsbruck
K. Zwintz, R. Kuschnig, C. Arnold, F. Brüser, M. J. Dornacher, S. Gössl, A. Ivanov, M. Mayerl, M. Müller, M. Müllner, et al.
Long-term BRITE and SMEI space photometry of γ Cas (B0.5 IVe)
C. C. Borre, D. Baade, A. Pigulski, A. Weiss, T. Rivinius, and The BRITE Team

Variability other than pulsation

CHEOPS & stars (& asteroseismology)
S. Barceló Forteza, A. Moya, A. Bonfanti, S.J.A.J. Salmon, V. Van Grootel, and D. Barrado
Early-type magnetic stars: The rotation challenge
G. Mathys
Be star variability as seen from ground-based and space photometry
J. Labadie-Bartz, and A. C. Carciofi
BRITEness variations of the BRITEst hot stars
T. Ramiaramanantsoa, A. F. and J. Moffat
Shine BRITE: shedding light on stellar variability through advanced models
D. Fabbian, F. Kupka, D. Krüger, N. M. Kostogryz, and N. Piskunov
Rieger-type periodicity in the activity of solar-type stars
E. Gurgenashvili, T.V. Zaqarashvili, V. Kukhianidze, A. Reiners, and T. Reinhold
Superfast spectral variations of OBA stars
A.A. Batrakov, A.F. Kholtygin, S. Hubrig, S. Fabrika, A.F. Valeev, and A.E. Kostenkov
Results of Light-Curves Analyses for the Dwarf Nova EX Dra
I. Voloshina, and T. Khruzina
Instrinsic X-ray variability of O stars and Wolf-Rayet stars
A.M.T. Pollock
Astronomical potential of satellite star trackers
A.M.T. Pollock
EM Cep – an interesting Be star
N. Kochiashvili, I. Kochiashvili, R. Natsvlishvili, S. Beradze, and M. Vardosanidze
Old and New observational Data for P Cygni
S. Beradze, N.Kochiashvili, I.Kochiashvili, R.Natsvlishvili, and M.Vardosanidze
Discovery of the first Ap star in an eclipsing binary system
M. Skarka, P. Kabáth, E. Paunzen, M. Mašek, J. Žák, and J. Janík
MOBSTER: Search for period evolution in Orion’s Magnetic B-type Stars
M. E. Shultz, A. David-Uraz, J. Labadie-Bartz, Z. Mikulášek, and V. Petit
The strange case of HD 65987, a magnetic Bp star with two periods
J. D. Landstreet, A. David-Uraz, O. Kochukhov, C. Neiner, P. Nelson, and G. Wade
Multi-Instrument Analysis of Gaia, Kepler K2, ASAS-SN, and ASAS Observations of Long-Period Variables
E. Hartig, T. Lebzelter, and K.H. Hinkle
The imposter Be star HD 19818: superflares in a cool giant?
J. Labadie-Bartz, and A. C. Carciofi
STEREO Observations of Be Stars
D. Ozuyar, and L. Balona
Variability of Wolf-Rayet Stars through MOST(LY) BRITE Eyes
G. Lenoir-Craig, N. St-Louis, A.F.J. Moffat, T. Ramiaramanantsoa, and H. Pablo
Simultaneous photometric and spectroscopic analysis of a new outburst of V1686 Cyg
H.R. Andreasyan
Magnetic field measurements of Kepler Ap/CP2 stars
I. I. Romanyuk, Z. Mikulášek, S. Hümmerich, I. Yakunin, A. Moiseeva, J. Janík, K. Bernhard, J. Krtička, E. Paunzen, M. Jagelka, et al.
Near-ultraviolet Variability in the Kepler Field
E. Bertone, M. Sachkov, D. Olmedo, M. Olmedo, and M. Chavez


Listening to the Heartbeat: Tidal Asteroseismology in Action
Z. Guo
3D Hydrodynamical Simulations of Stellar Convection for Helio- and Asteroseismology
F. Kupka
Challenges to modelling from ground-breaking new data of present/future space and ground facilities
G. Clementini, M. Marconi, and A. Garofalo
Open problems in high-mass stellar evolution
S. Ekström, G.Meynet, C. Georgy, R. Hirschi, A. Maeder, J. Groh, P. Eggenberger, and G. Buldgen
Internal stellar magnetic fields
J. Fuller
Search for Quiet Stellar-mass Black Holes by Asteroseismology from Space
H. Shibahashi, and S. J. Murphy
Accretion simulations of η Carinae and implications for the evolution of massive binaries
A. Kashi
From the Sun to solar-like stars: how does the solar modelling problem affect our studies of solar-like oscillators?
G. Buldgen, C. Pezzotti, M. Farnir, S.J.A.J. Salmon, and P. Eggenberger
Asteroseismic Binaries as non-Solar Mixing Length Calibrators
M. Joyce
Unbiased seismic model fitting
T. Kallinger
The relevance of partial ionization in the outer layers of F stars
A. Brito, and I. Lopes
KIC 11971405 - the SPB star with the four asymptotic sequences of g modes
W. Szewczuk, P. Walczak, and J. Daszyńska-Daszkiewicz
The slowly pulsating B-star 18 Peg: A testbed for upper main sequence stellar evolution
A. Irrgang, P. De Cat, A. Pigulski, G. Handler, A. Tkachenko, and the BRITE team
Determination of precise stellar parameters of Kepler LEGACY targets using the WhoSGlAd method
M. Farnir, M.-A. Dupret, S.J.A.J. Salmon, A. Noels, and G. Buldgen
From light-curves to frequencies of oscillation modes using TACO
N. Themeßl, J. S. Kuszlewicz, A. García Saravia Ortiz de Montellano, and S. Hekker
A Novel Modeling of Magneto-Rotating Stellar Evolution
K. Takahashi
New fully evolutionary models for asteroseismology of ultra-massive white-dwarf stars
A. H. Córsico, F. C. De Gerónimo, M. E. Camisassa, and L. G. Althaus
Magneto-Rossby waves and short-term periodicity in solar-type stars
T. Z. Zaqarashvili
A solution to the “solar abundance” problem
Q.-S. Zhang, Y. Li, and J. Christensen-Dalsgaard
The Age of Zero Age Main Sequence Stars as an Analytic Function of Mass
T. Steindl, and K. Zwintz
Study of convection in one and multi-dimensional pulsating models
G. B. Kovács, R. Szabó, and J. Nuspl
Convection in rotating stars: convective penetration and mixing
K. C. Augustson, and S. Mathis
Gravity offset and coupling factor of mixed modes in RGB stars
C. Pinçon
Better Physics for Modelling Stars and their Oscillations
R. Trampedach, G. Houdek, and W. Däppen

Binaries and clusters

Other and more challenges

Stellar spheres of influence

Disks around Be stars and complex radiation effects
N. D. Kee
Tracing stellar wind variability from space
J. Krtička, and A. Feldmeier
Star–planet magnetic interactions
A. F. Lanza
Dynamics of star-disk interaction processes in young, low-mass stars as seen from space
L. Venuti
Cepheid Spheres of Influence
N. R. Evans, H. M. Günther, H. E. Bond, G. H. Schaefer, B. D. Mason, M. Karovska , E. Tingle , S. Wolk et al.
The distance of the long-period Cepheid RS Puppis from its remarkable light echoes
P. Kervella
BRITE Photometric Variability of the Intriguing Wolf-Rayet Star WR6: Rotational or Binary Modulations?
N. St-Louis, A.F.J Moffat, T. Ramiaramanantsoa, and G. Lenoir-Craig
Do planet systems influence the host star atmospheric abundances ?
T. Ryabchikova
Flares of M stars in the Upper Scorpius region and flares/CMEs of the active M-star AD Leo
E. W. Guenther, D. Wöckel, and P. Muheki
Starspots and rotation velocities of normal A- and Am- stars
O. Trust, E. Jurua, P. De Cat, and S. Joshi
Ultraviolet variability of B, Be, and B[e] stars
I. Krtičková, and J. Krtička
Type II Cepheids in the Kepler K2 mission
M. I. Jurkovic, E. Plachy, L. Molnár, M. A. T. Groenewegen, and R. Szabó
Transiting exocomets detected in broadband light by TESS in the β Pictoris system
S. Zieba, K. Zwintz, M. A. Kenworthy, and G. M. Kennedy
The influence of stellar X-ray and UV radiation on exoplanets
S.R.G. Joyce, J.P. Pye, J.D. Nichols, and The Exoplanets-A consortium
The Ondřejov Exoplanet Group
M. Blažek, P. Kabáth, M. Skarka, T. Klocová, M. Špoková, J. Šubjak, J. Dvořáková, J. Žák, D. Dupkala, and E. Plávalová
Southern Bp-e star HD124448
M. Zboril

Lessons learned