The conference proceedings will be published electronically in English.

The proceedings must be prepared using the template available her­e. Please follow rigorously the instructions. 

The recommended (but flexible) number of pages is:
   * Flashlight -> 2 pages
   * Keynote -> 6 pages
   * Oral contribution -> 4 pages
   * Poster -> 2 pages
All your files must be named as follows:


with nxnn the number of your contribution, e.g. 1i03 or 2o01 or 5k03 or 8p06

where i=flashlight, o=contribution, k=keynote, p=poster.

See the conf­erence programme (here) for more information on this notation.
If you have several contributions, then use: surname1_nxnn.tex, surname2_nxnn.tex ... etc 

Please provide only PDF figures. To convert figures from eps to pdf, you may use epstopdf.
To compile the latex file use pdflatex surname_nxnn.tex, and bibtex surname_nxnn for the references.

Once completed, please send your proceedings as a single tar.gz (surname.tar.gz) file to before December 1 2019. Please mention the subject: "Proceedings Vienna nxnn", replacing nxnn by your contribution number.